More Beauty Treatments

Fluid face Lift - Radiesse
Fluid nose job-Fillers

More Aesthetics Treatments

Localised fat dissolving: (Aqualyx)

Using multiple subcutaneous injections of an FDA approved fat dissolving agent, Aqualyx, to melt small depositions of fat in localised areas like double chin, specific lumpy areas on arms, hips or thighs

Nefertiti neck lift:

This is a beautiful combination treatment of Botox to the neck muscles, sometimes done alone or coupled with dermal fillers injections to the jawline to stop the neck muscles pulling down and showing wrinkled skin.

Anti perspiration treatment:

For under arms, scalp, palms or any other overly sweaty body part, we inject small doses of Botulinum toxin into sweat glands which stops them working for 6 months! Two treatments/year and you can live sweat free!

Hair treatments

Using PRP plus best hair Mesotherapy products containing growth factor and stem cells, we offer treatment of bold patches, thinning hair and slow growing hair by small painless injections into the scalp.

A few sessions are usually required, results can be seen after 2nd or 3 rd session.


Need to have a quick, cheaper treatment to brighten your skin and smooth out fine wrinkles at a fraction of the price of other procedures ? try our 10min. Mesotherapy.

Using Derma Stamp or a Dermaroller we introduce the healthy mix of stem cells, collagen, vitamin C into the skin for an instant glow.

Gummy smile treatment

Gummy smile treatment, using only Botox or a combination of Botox and lip filler

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