Global Eyecon Treatment

Global Eyecon treatment

The Global Eyecon

Created by Mesoestetic, Global Eyecon Treatment is a non-surgical solution to target discolouration, sagging, bags, and wrinkles in the delicate under-eye area.

Dark circles are the result of the overproduction of melanin and can appear under our eyes as the result of a lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, sun damage, age, or a hormone imbalance. However, they can also be genetic and sometimes, the problem cannot be solved without cosmetic treatment.

Other symptoms such as bags, wrinkles, and drooping eyelids can also contribute to an older, tired-looking appearance.

As the skin of the under-eye contour is five times thinner than other facial skin, and highly sensitive, it is not suitable for other depigmentation treatments, such as Cosmelan.

That’s where Global Eyecon comes in. This six-session treatment combines peels and a trans-epidermal solution specifically formulated to eliminate multiple signs of ageing in this delicate area.
In this blog, we’ll take you through the process, give you a brief history of the treatment, and outline the pros and potential cons of having Global Eyecon treatment.

What to Expect

There are six treatment sessions to Global Eyecon Treatment, so you must be prepared for a fairly lengthy and involved process. However, you will start to see results more or less immediately after your first session, so it is also a good solution for seeing a rapid improvement.

The treatment can be broken down into three parts – Periocular peel, Periocular solution, and Crystal fibre eye mask.

You will have three periocular peel sessions, alternating with three trans-epidermal sessions.

Following this process, a soothing crystal fibre mask containing aloe vera and other moisturising and hydrating ingredients is applied to the area.

Once home, you must use photoprotection to protect the area and optimise results.

How Global Eyecon Treatment Works

As noted, under-eye skin has different characteristics to other areas and requires different treatments. The peel combines different ingredients, designed to lift, tighten, and fade pigmentation. The periocular solution prevents decongestion and promotes microcirculation, helping to break down the hyperpigmentation. The crystal fibre eye mask is not only formulated with aloe vera and cucumber extract to soothe and hydrate, but it also contains hyaluronic acid to tighten and brighten the skin.

What Eye Problems Can Be Treated?

Global Eyecon Treatment as the name suggests is only used on the eye contour area. However, it does tackle a variety of issues related to the area, including:

  • Dark circles
  • Sagging/eye bags
  • Wrinkles/expression lines
  • Drooping upper eyelid

Can It Be Combined with Other Treatments?

As it is a multiple session treatment, and specifically formulated to tackle different signs of ageing in the under-eye area, Global Eyecon treatment shouldn’t be combined with any other under eye treatment. However, as downtime is minimal you may be able to have treatments to target other problems in other areas of the face and body during the six weeks when your sessions take place. Please speak to your clinician for the best advice on specific treatments during your consultation.

How Long Does it Take?

The six treatments are spread out over six weeks, with one treatment performed per week. Each treatment session lasts around 30 minutes.

What Does it Feel Like?

Most clients report no pain or discomfort. You may feel a warming session, but it is not unpleasant.

How Long Do The Results Last?

You will usually start to see results from your first session, which will become more noticeable with each subsequent treatment.

As well as significantly reduced pigmentation, wrinkles, and sagging, clients love the glow that Global Eyecon gives their skin.

How many treatments you require and whether you will need a top-up will depend on your skin and other factors mentioned above, such as sun exposure and genetic predispositions.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Other than slight redness around the eye, which should disappear after around 24 hours, Global Eyecon treatment does not usually cause any side effects. However, with any microneedling procedure, it is possible to experience itching, and even slight pinpoint marks. These symptoms should fade with around 24-48 hours

Global Eyecon Treatment  Downtime & Aftercare

There is no downtime required following Global Eyecon treatment, and you can resume your daily activities more or less immediately. However, your under-eye area may be a little be red and sensitive following the procedure so factor that in when planning to have the treatment before an event.

There are also home care treatments to be applied after your session, to optimise and maintain the desired results. Your home care kit will comprise of products specifically formulated to prevent re-pigmentation, and protect against other signs of ageing.

Following your last session, it is essential to use sun protection that specifically prevents hyperpigmentation.

We hope this blog has given you a bit of insight into what Global Eyecon Treatment entails, but if you would like to discuss any other aesthetic treatment, please don’t hesitate to book online for a free consultation with one of our experienced aestheticians, or call 020 8286 8858 to speak with a member of our team.

*individual results may vary.

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