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A spotlight on Raynes Park

Wednesday 12th June 2019
Darling Magazine

NewLife Aesthetics Clinic NewLife Aesthetics is a state-of-the-art clinic, in Raynes Park. We specialise in advanced skin and body treatments, no matter of age, gender, and skin type, so why not share your concerns with us and we will find you the best solutions. Using the latest technology, and medical grade machines and products, we provide premium treatments which are all backed by clinical studies.

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Wednesday 13th February 2019
Lady Wimbledon

Get to know Mo Ashraf from NewLife Aesthetics, Raynes Park in this interview... Mo Ashraf has accomplished over twenty years in the aesthetics industry as well as having been one of the leaders in the fields of laser and collagen treatments in London. NewLife Aesthetics specialise in helping people to become the best version of themselves. Their state-of-the-art clinic is based in Raynes Park, where they provide clients natural-looking results to offer a new lease of life. Read The Full Article Here

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Review: New Life Aesthetics, Raynes Park in London

Thursday 7th February 2019
Caroline Cooper

I haven't ever loved my skin. Admittedly, I haven't ever suffered from acne, but as a teen I did get hormone spots on my chin whose scars still show when bare faced, all these years later. Now 32, I have become fed up with always wearing make-up and being self-conscious of my skin. Not to mention the fine lines that are appearing around my eyes and nasal folds, that have admittedly got worse with age and with a toddler. Determined to try and improve my complexion, I booked myself into the New Life Clinic in Raynes Park, London. The treatment performed Read the full article here

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Dr Don discusses serums...

Tuesday 5th February 2019
Dr Donald Othoro

In the quest of attaining that perfect skin, more women are now opting to include serums in their daily beauty routines.. Serums are amazing skin care products that I have been using with my clients for over 10 years with fantastic results. They are the new must-haves in skin care regimes and everyone seems to be talking about them. There are two types of serums those that can be bought over the counter and those that can be bought from a skin care specialist. The over the counter serums tend not to be as effective because the active ingredients are not as concentrated. I stock two well-respected brands in my clinic Jan Marini and Obagi both of which are popular in…

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HIFU Facelift Treatment

Thursday 24th January 2019
Musharraf Ashraf

Are you worried about the signs of aging on your face that makeup can't hide? These may include drooping jowls, sagging eyebrows and fine lines?Tired of wasting thousands of dollars on anti-aging products in the market that don't deliver as promised? Do you want to keep looking ravishing as youage? Want to rejuvenate your skin without going under the knife? Well, then you might want to schedule an appointment for HIFU facelift at New Life Aesthetics. The aging process may be inevitable but it can definitely be slowed down with the help of the latest advances in aesthetics technology and advanced procedures available today, such as HIFU. HIFU Facelift:What Is It and How Does It Work? HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound.…

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Effective Laser Hair Removal

Friday 2nd November 2018

Practitioners discuss their treatment methods and technology preferences for successful long-term laser hair removal. Mo Ashraf our Clinic Director discusses Laser Hair Removal in the latest issue of Aesthetics Journal. Laser Hair Removal Pages 27-31 Read the full article here

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You are not alone...

Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Life can be very busy focusing on our careers, raising a family or both, as so often we do not give ourselves time to do something for ourselves. Even when we do we don't always really consider what would make a difference to our everyday lives. A treat might be a haircut, a new bag or even just a quiet coffee. Are you aware that on average one in three women suffer from Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). Causes range from child birth, excessive exercise or simple natural ageing. If you have ever laughed or coughed and noticed leakage then this could be SUI. Pelvic floor muscle exercises, bladder training and lifestyle changes will all help control SUI, but the Ultra Femme…

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We Need To Talk About Ageism In The Beauty Industry…

Wednesday 3rd October 2018
By Emily Lavinia

Pick up any women's magazine or head your favourite online platform and it's likely there'll be a glut of stories centred on the premise that women are being encouraged to stay young and beautiful forever, to defy the laws of nature and to preserve themselves against the odds. Women over the age of 35 are fairly used to the idea that it's deemed acceptable for them to undergo various treatments and adjustments in order to maintain their looks as they age, but for women under the age of 35 it's a different story. Read the full article here

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Wednesday 29th August 2018
by Sara Darling

Hands up if you've got back fat? Even if you don't think you do, there is a high possibility that you have some excess flesh overhanging your bra..And there is no exercise that can get rid of it!!! Trust me- I have tried everything and begged personal trainers to help me! But no number of tricep dips or back presses can spot check the pesky back bulge. Tightening & Slimming Read the full article here

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Out and about: NewLife Aesthetics launch, Raynes Park, London

Wednesday 8th August 2018

NewLife Aesthetics opened its doors for a VIP launch event for press and patients. Guests enjoyed canapes and champagne as they were given an exclusive look at the former bank, which has now been fully renovated to become a state-of-the-art aesthetics clinic in Raynes Park, Wimbledon. The clinic is headed up by surgeon Mr Nurul Ahad and senior practitioner Mo Ashraf, who share the aim to offer "natural looking results with a quality service and an honest, ethical approach". Non-surgical treatment demonstrations were performed along with complementary treatments including micro-needling and HIFU (Ultherapy) lifting for the face and neck. Read the full article here

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